The Iron Sommelier


Imagine having the ability to pair food and wine, while the sommelier stands by ready to offer advice and/or commentary. That’s how the Iron Sommelier Challenge worked at the 2007 World of Pinot Noir. Five sommeliers sat on the panel, and took the attendees through each of the wines (Blind – not knowing the identity of each wine) in a flight of Pinots, comparing and contrasting them with dishes prepared by the Dolphin Inn, here in Shell Beach.

Join us as we hear sommeliers select what they feel are the best food matches from the flight of wines, and why. It was very interesting to hear how the wine notes changed when sampled without food and then with food.

Wines Revealed

A: 2004 Baileyana – Grand Firepeak Vineyards
B: 2004 Buena Vista Carneros – EVS Swan
C: 2003 Clos Du Val – Reserve
D: 2004 Handley Cellars – Reserve
E: 2005 Hug Cellars – Orchid Hill
F: 2004 Lane Tanner – Julia Vineyard
G: 2004 Roessler Cellars – La Brisa
H: 2004 Testarossa – Schultze

Seminar Plates:

– Roast Pekin Duck with Rhubarb Chutney
– Creole Spiced Lamb Tenderloin Carpaccio with Balsamic
– Local Foraged Chantrelles with Midnight Moon Aged Goat Cheese
– Red Onion and Black Currant Marmalade Tart

For More Information on the 2008 World of Pinot Noir:

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2 Responses to “The Iron Sommelier”

  1. 1 Paul Jan 1st, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    A nice Xmas present with the video of the Russian River and starting off in 2008 with a great show. Thanks for all your work into these podcasts GrapeRadio bunch..

  2. 2 Joe Levine Jan 20th, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    I must say that I have liked your show for some time, but I have been really happy with the recent bunch dealing with food and wine in different ways, especially this one. I had, somehow, missed the notice about this episode, and I just listened to it today. I had commented after your Frederic Magnien show that it would be nice to hear you do something like your O’Shea tasting but with an ‘expert’ in there with you. If I had listened to this episode prior I would have suggested that you try to blend the two [O’Shea and Iron Sommelier] together. Could you get one of those sommeliers in to do a food/wine tasting with all of you?
    In regards to the issue of reviewing wines with vs without food, I think it should absolutely be done without food. I am not interested so much in the ratings. I like to hear the description of the wine without any outside influences. With that, I should then be able to start thinking about what foods I might or might not like it with as well as if I would like to drink it without food.

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