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In 1836, the future Maison Pommery was begun by Narcisse Greno. He was joined by Louis Alexandre Pommery some 20 years later, and Henri Vasnier became the company’s financial backer. Following the sudden death of Monsieur Pommery in 1858, his wife, Jeanne-Alexandrine Louise, took over the running of the company in 1858. In 1868, Louise Pommery began the construction of the Domain which still stands today, a construction enterprise which was completed in 1888. In 1874, Pommery began establishing themselves as a Maison producing sparkling wine only. The house continued to be run by family members until 1979, whereupon it changed hands several times. In 2002, current owners Vranken Monopole aquired the Maison Pommery. The 51 hectare Estate contains18 kilometres of cellars and gallo-roman chalk pits, which act as the aging cellar for 20 million bottles of Champagne. The cellars are an attraction in themselves, where the bottles are surrounded with many works of contempory art.

Join us as we visit with Thierry Gasco, Cellar Master of the Pommery House for over a decade. A Reims native, Thierry studied medicine for two years, graduating from the University of Burgundy with the DNO (National Oenology Diploma). In 2004, he was appointed a member of the National Board of the INAO (only 50 members in France) and was reappointed to this same position in 2007. Join us as we visit with Thierry and discuss the Pommery innovations and its wines.

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08pomm2b.jpgLocated 116 steps underground, Champagne Pommery’s cellars are something of a dichotomy, with unusual displays of contempory/modern art staged within the alcoves of the centuries-old caves




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