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Champagne Roger Coulon is a classic example of a Grower Champagne. Here in Vrigny, in the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne, Eric and Isabelle Coulon, are considered Recoltants-Manipulants (growers and producers).

Since 1806, eight generations of this family of wine growers has cultivated vines, harvested grapes and produced and sold its own wine. The family vineyards of 9 hectares (22.5 acres), are spread over 70 parcels of land in 5 villages, most of which benefit from South-east facing slopes on a sub soil made up of chalk and clay. As with many small growers, grass is grown between the vines on every other row to limit erosion, and the Coulon’s practice of lutte raisonée (reasoned agriculture) uses minimal herbicides and pesticides. The vines grown here are 40% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay with an average vine age of 38 years. Using only wild yeasts, they produce about 75,000 bottles per year.

Join us as we visit with Eric and Isabelle Coulon, and watch GrapeRadio’s Jay and Eric as they help (or hinder) the harvesting of Pinot Noir clusters in the vineyard, and later as Jay races to dump more grapes into the press in a little friendly competition with the locals.

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08coulon2a.jpg Vineyards nestled in among buildings in the small village of Vrigny

08coulon2b.jpgWorkers dumping Pinot Noir into the feeder on top of the horizontal grape press.


08coulon2d.jpgR. Coulon has a lovely tasting room right across from the winery

08coulon2e.jpgGorgeous barrel room located just off the tasting room

08coulon2f.jpgEric Coulon watches, as wife Isabelle demonstrates leaf and grape growth

08coulon2g.jpgJay races a worker to see who tires first

08coulon2h.jpgMark and Jay with Eric Coulon

08coulon2i.jpgEric snips a few bunches of Pinot Noir

08coulon2j.jpgOur final reward, a glass of 1990 Reserve

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