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Founded in 1721, the House of Ruinart was named after Benedictine monk Dom Thierry Ruinart. It is located at the entrance to the city of Reims, where crayères (Gallo-Roman chalk pits) hewn out of the chalk subsoil are the secret to a slow ageing process, normally lasting between three and twelve years depending on the cuvée.

Ruinart was the first champagne House to acquire its crayères, classified as a historic monument in 1931. The depth of the pits and the chalk from which they are made provide perfect thermal stability and optimum humidity. The constant low temperature leads to a slow prise de mousse (the formation of smaller bubbles), resulting in a light refreshing mousse or mouthfeel.

Join us as we visit the crayères, and sit down with Ruinart’s cellarmaster Frédéric Panaїotis to discuss Ruinart’s history, its vineyard sources, and, of course, taste its various cuvées.

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08ruinart3a.jpg Guide uses a diorama to illustrate how the Romans excavated the blocks of chalk from crayères, or chalk pits, thus creating large holes that became inter-connectable and used as aging caves (seen below)






08ruinart3g.jpgFrédéric Panaїotis (center) conducts formal tasting of six Ruinart cuvees


08ruinart3i.jpgTasting bar made from riddling racks


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