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It was during the 17th Century that Jacques de Pichon, Baron de Longueville, and his father-in-law, Pierre de Rauzan, first established the vineyard of Pichon-Longueville. This estate, in southern Pauillac region of Bordeaux, was then handed down among the male heirs for several generations, until the death of Joseph de Pichon-Longueville. According to Napoleonic law at the time, the large estate was then split into separate parcels and divided among each of the children. With his brother deceased, Raoul de Pichon-Longueville inherited two shares of Château Pichon-Longueville, and remaining three shares were passed on to family daughters, forming the basis of waht was to become Château Pichon-Lalande.

In 1851, Raoul razed the manor house and built the current château. Pichon-Baron was classified a 2nd Growth in 1855, and the wines continued to live up to their reputation through most of the 20th Century, unfortunately declining somewhat in stature by the 1970-1980s. At this point, Jean-Michel Cazes and AXA Millésimes became involved in resurrecting the estate’s reputation, with AXA completing its purchase of the Château and vineyards in 1987. Under the management of Christian Seely and technical director Jean-René Matignon, the estate underwent a complete restoration and is now back to 2nd growth form.

The estate’s proximity to the Gironde River accounts for its warm and humid weather, which, when combined with gravely soils produces powerful Cabernet-based wines that are muscular, yet elegant. Working with older vines at Baron-Pichon has developed the team’s profound respect for the past – as well as the future – since planting decisions made by one generation directly affects both quality and production for the following generation.

Join us at Château Pichon-Longueville, as we visit with Jean-René Matignon and Christian Seely, sample some wine and hear what is old, and what is new, with this great estate.

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