The Wines of Jerez – Part 2

Welcome to our video podcast: Jerez – Part 2 – Video Show #74.

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Located in the Andalusia region in southwestern Spain, the city of Jerez has become synonymous with the production of Sherry. Dating back to Moorish times – in fact, the name Jerez is actually a corruption of the Moorish name of the town, “Scheris.” In addition to wine, however, the area is equally famous for its fine horses as well as Flamenco music and dance, and of course its food.

The sherry bodegas (cellars) are located, surprisingly, in the centre of the town of Jerez and are generally associated with an aristocratic pride even to this day. As with Porto in Portugal, British winemakers have been active here for centuries, and many of the names have an Anglo-Saxon quality to them.

Join us as we visit southwest Spain and talk with sherry producers, market vendors, and fellow diners – with an eagerness to soak up as much culture (and sherry) as we possibly can.

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  1. 1 kari Sep 2nd, 2009 at 7:40 am

    Thank You, for two most enjoyable programs, Jerez, excellent! You have shown us the real thing, “Sherry”, isn’t only “Harvey’s” Bristol Cream, Anymore! To learn about the different grapes going in to “Fino” was interesting. The art history about the region to me was “muy special”! Sharing this with all my friends. Mille Gracias, kari

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