Oregon and the Wines of Eyrie Vineyards


Jason Lett took over the winemaking reigns at The Eyrie Vineyards beginning with the 2005 vintage. His father, David Lett, founded The Eyrie Vineyards in the Dundee Hills of the Willamette Valley in 1966 becoming the first to successfully plant and vinify Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in the Willamette Valley. The Eyrie Vineyards specialized in in the trinity of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. David Lett was so revered that in his later years he became affectionately known as “Papa Pinot.” David Lett passed away at the age of 69 in October, 2008.

Jason Lett trained at Maison Joseph Drouhin in Burgundy and has a degree in plant ecology from the University of New Mexico. He is committed to continuing the Eyrie style which emphasizes light, supple and ephemeral wines that age. Prior to this year’s International Pinot Noir Celebration, Jason conducted a complete vertical tasting of Eyrie Chardonnay dating back to 1970. Each vintage of Chardonnay is now available for sale to benefit Eyrie’s cellarmaster’s wife who must have a kidney transplant.

Listen to Jason talk about his father’s legacy, the Eyrie Chardonnay tasting, Pinot Gris and its place in Oregon, and his plans for The Eyrie Vineyards in the future.

To find out more information: Eyrie Vineyards: www.eyrievineyards.com

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3 Responses to “Oregon and the Wines of Eyrie Vineyards”

  1. 1 Dave Sandage Sep 2nd, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    Thanks for a great show highlighting the diversity of Oregon wines, and the great wealth of information that Jason Lett brought. I was very pleased to hear Charles Coury mentioned, as he has largely been forgotten in the history of Oregon Pinot Noir. Although there is some controversy about exactly who planted the first Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley, some sources do credit Coury. His original vineyard is still producing great wines at what is now David Hill Vineyard and Winery just north of Forest Grove. Keep up the great work; I’d love to hear more shows about Oregon winemakers.

  2. 2 Rusty Gaffney MD Sep 7th, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    Hi Dave

    I spoke with David Lett on this matter and he said that his father, David, disputed Coury’s claims and was convinced that he was the first to plant Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley. Accurate records make it difficult to verify this. It is well documented that David Lett was the first to plant Pinot Gris in the Willamette Valley.

    We plan to do more Oregon features.


  3. 3 Eric Awes Oct 5th, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    I wouldn’t trust anything Charles Coury siad!

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