Hospice du Rhone – 2009 Ask the Wine Maker

Welcome to our video podcast: Hospice du Rhone – 2009 Ask the Wine Maker – Video Show #82.

The HdR is a two-day event featuring wine seminars, library and Grand tastings, and a unique opportunity to meet and talk with people who are at the forefront of the increasingly popular Rhône varietal movement throughout the world. From its modest beginnings as The Viognier Guild, vintners Mat Garretson and John Alban debuted the event in 1993, envisioning it as a quasi-conference for winemakers and vintners who were passionate about wine varieties originating from the France’s Rhône Valley. Today, the 17th annual event is largely the work of local vintners John Alban and Vicki Carroll, who have invited international winemakers and producers to come and celebrate Rhône wines with other enthusiasts.

For our coverage of the 2009 Hospice du Rhône, we bring you the sights, sounds (and smells) of the event. Plus, came up with more of our burning questions to ask winemakers and producers. No debate, no discussion (okay, maybe a little) – we just wanted to know what they thought about several issues, such as: Has technology helped you make better wines? What the heck is going on with American Syrah? Do good scores from wine critics help you sell wine? And finally, If you could put a cute critter on your label, what would it be?

Sponsor: Hospice du Rhone: www.hospicedurhone.org

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2 Responses to “Hospice du Rhone – 2009 Ask the Wine Maker”

  1. 1 mel Mar 29th, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Nice job guys! Love the critter question!

  2. 2 John A. Martelly Mar 30th, 2010 at 8:07 am

    First and foremost, I vote for ManBearPig.

    As for wine and science, Jay I like the reasoning you gave me back in February when you associated winemakers using scientific technique to a structural engineer ensuring that a building is safe. I think to not use what is available to you to insure the public health could borderline ignorant or even irresponsible. Yes I am preaching like the converted but I don’t think anyone is saying that they want creativity replaced with AutoCAD Winery 2.0.

    BTW, I love syrah for all the wrong reasons. When it was said that there are many different facets to Syrah they are correct. As a matter of fact, I am getting the impression that even the winemakers are unsure of its’ capability. No two taste alike (ok a bit exaggerated) but there is quite the variety. It’s like Cracker Jacks, always a surprise inside.
    Just an added note,(a.d.d. moment) Cracker Jacks go really good with Champagne

    As for the scores, I myself may look at them for a guide but my buying is only influenced if I see a 70. I like a lot of 85 score wines and a few 80’s. I hope that winemakers continue to just do their thing and I believe their sales will be the true scores.

    As always, great job.

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