2013 World of Pinot Noir Seminar – Alcohol & Balance Redux

A couple of years ago, the 2011 World of Pinot Noir presented a seminar on alcohol and balance, with a goal of panelist discussion to determine if alcohol and balance were mutually exclusive, or if one affected the other – adversely or otherwise. It was a hot-button topic among consumers and in the media at the time, where two separate camps of people had very decided opinions about the answer. The panel conversation was spirited, and the seminar turned out to be fascinating on several levels – not the least of which was because one of the panelists pulled a prank on another regarding the actual alcohol level of a specific wine. The rest, as they say, is history.

So, can lightning strike twice in the same place? And, what hath two years wrought to the discussion? Join us as we hear the impressions and opinions on the matter from Jim Clendenen (Au Bon Climat), Joe Davis (Arcadian), Wells Guthrie (Copain), Adam Lee (Siduri), and Greg Brewer (Brewer-Clifton), with author and writer Karen MacNeil (The Wine Bible) moderating.

For more info:
World of Pinot Noir: www.worldofpinotnoir.com/

Original 2011 Seminar – Alcohol and Balance www.graperadio.com

Au Bob Climat Winery: www.aubonclimat.com
Arcadian Winery: www.arcadianwinery.com
Copain Wines: www.copainwines.com
Siduri: siduri.com
Brewer-Clifton: www.brewerclifton.com
Karen MacNeil: www.karenmacneil.com/the-wine-bible/

Sponsor: Millesima, Fine Wine Merchants: www.millesima-usa.com

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4 Responses to “2013 World of Pinot Noir Seminar – Alcohol & Balance Redux”

  1. 1 Ryan Dec 12th, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    This is the first of your podcasts I couldn’t stand listening to. That woman moderating is draconian, ridiculous, and unentertaining.

  2. 2 Rusty Gaffney Dec 17th, 2013 at 7:40 am

    Karen McNeil was chosen by the World of Pinot Noir Board to be the moderator based on her credentials and notoriety. She is a noted wine writer and consultant based in Napa Valley who is also chairman of the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. She won a James Beard award in 2004 as Outstanding Wine & Spirits Professional of the Year.

    Grape Radio was asked to record and post the seminar. We have done this yearly for the World of Pinot Noir many years. We have nothing to do with the subject matter or the choice of panel members and moderator.

    We appreciate your input and thanks for your interest.

  3. 3 Jay Selman Dec 17th, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    Ryan, I really thinks its great you took the time to comment. In a way, I consider you comment high praise. When you consider all the shows we have posted over the years, to say this is our first clunker softens the criticism. I did not have the same reaction that you did.

    There have been a few rare instances where we felt a interview or seminar was,to be blunt, crappy. The show was never posted.

    I am sorry this one failed to meet your expectations. But thanks for listening and the feedback. I do not take it lightly.


  4. 4 Dave Jan 31st, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    I listened to (part) of this podcast and had the same reaction as Ryan. I couldn’t finish it. Karen McNeil’s questions were superficial and trivial, and she really got in the way of letting the panelists speak what was on their minds. I realize that you all were simply recording this and had nothing to do with the content, but please don’t go out of your way to have her on your program in the future.

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