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Adams French Vineyards

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Welcome to our video podcast Adams French Vineyards – Video Show #62.

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In 1993, billionaire Stephen Adams and his wife Denise were married at a country chapel in St.-Emilion, Bordeaux’s historic Right Bank city. This was the beginning of Adams’ fascination with French culture and wine, a fascination that would cause him to purchase six (and counting) Châteaux in and around St. Emilion. His considerably diverse holdings, amassed over the course of 47 years, include banks, billboards, recreational vehicles, and now wineries – and in France, no less. Known collectively as Adams French Vineyards, this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘an American in Paris.’

Beginning in 2000, Stephen Adams bought Château Lagarosse, in the rolling hills of the Premières Côtes de Bordeaux. He followed this in 2002 with the purchase of Château de Candale in St.-Emilion. Still looking for a flagship winery, he found it in 2004 with the purchase of Château Fonplégade, a 48-acre property located on St.-Emilion’s limestone plateau, yet needing some TLC. His total renovation of the property, at a cost of $7 million, including large new fermentation tanks, and vineyard improvements.

In 2005, he bought Château de Bel-Air in Lalande-de-Pomerol. And, last year, he added Château Roylland in St.-Emilion and Château L’Enclos in Pomerol. All along, his strategy always was (and still is) to pay relatively low prices for properties, then upgrade heavily – all under the direction of Michel Rolland.

Join us as we talk with Stephen Adams at Château Fonplegade in St. Emilion, and tour vineyards and wineries of this and several other of Adams’ properties, including Château De Bel Air, Château de Candale, and Château Lagarosse.

For More Info on Adams French Vineyards: www.adamsfrenchvineyards.com/

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Château Cheval Blanc

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Welcome to our video podcast Château Cheval Blanc – Video Show #57.

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Certainly one of the most revered Châteaux in all of Bordeaux, Cheval Blanc holds an almost mystical power over admirers of the famed region. Located in Saint Emilion, the property of this premier Grand cru classé has its origins in 1832, with property acquired from the Figeac Estate by the Ducasse family. The property was enlarged again in 1838, and the Ducasse and ultimately the Laussac-Fourcaud family continued to preside over the estate through the 20th Century.

Bordering the Pomerol appellation (across the road from Château L’Evangile), the vines here are 57% Cabernet Franc; the balance is mostly Merlot, plus a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. What sets Cheval-Blanc apart from its illustrious neighbors is the unique terroir that lie at a crossroads for three distinct types of soil: gravel and sand, clay and sand, and a smaller section of sandy-clay with iron deposits. On average, the vines are over 30 years, and are immaculate and sustainably farmed.

Currently owned by LVMH, the estate is managed by Pierre Lurton, who divides his time between Cheval Blanc and another renowned property, Château d’Yquem in Sauternes.

Join us as we visit with Pierre Lurton, and get a sense of the topography of this famous Right Bank Bordeaux property. We also visit the cellar to barrel taste the exquisite 2007 Cheval Blanc.

For More Info on Château Cheval Blanc: www.chateau-cheval-blanc.com

The sponsor of this video is Millesima, Fine Wine Merchants: www.millesima-usa.com

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