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In the Lab – Chrysalis Vineyards

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Welcome to our video podcast: In the Lab -Chrysalis Vineyards – Video Show #75.

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Winemaking – is it art or science? Well, winemakers themselves will be the first to tell you it’s a bit of both. Obviously, artistic decisions come into play throughout the entire process. However, each and every decision has a basis in science.

So, in order to learn a little more about the science part of the equation, we thought we’d get a behind the scenes tour of a winery’s laboratory. Fortunately, during our trip to the Mid-Atlantic States, we had the opportunity to visit Chrysalis Vineyards. Located in Middleburg, Virginia, Chrysalis is rightly known for its efforts with the Norton grape, a non-vinifera native American variety that produces some rather large extracted wines.

Join us as we visit the laboratory at Chrysalis Vineyards with winemaker Mark Bunter, and get a sense of how all the electronics and test tubes combine with artistic decisions to create something special.

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Linden Vineyards

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After purchasing an abandoned farm in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains in 1983, winegrower Jim Law began planting vines from cuttings and grafts in 1985. Varieties included Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Vidal and Seyval. The first vintage was 1987 and Linden winery was opened in 1988.

The relatively small 5,000 case production is Jim’s “sweet spot,” and to exceed this he’d have to sacrifice his winegrowing time – not something he’s prone to do. It was an interesting dichotomy out in the vineyard. Jim had recently replaced a block with new denser plantings – like babies, small and petite; while back behind us, stood an army of tall wooden lyre trellises, waiting for the older vines to climb to the top. They’ve been experimenting here with different varieties, placement, trellising, and som on over many recent years, and from the end product, it seems they’re getting closer to defining the mid-Atlantic region. Jim Law seems to be at the forefront of all of that. “We’re still young. We don’t have all the answers yet,” he would say. Not too dissimilar to what one hears from almost any winegrower on the West Coast. But somehow when Jim said it, it seemed more mystical, as though he looked forward to coming back some generation later, reincarnated as… what else, a winegrower, to see the fruition of his and others’ labors.

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